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Chronology of my life little surprising


I was born in Ibaraki, Japan in 1968.
I'm a mixed race of Fukushima and Ibaraki Prefecture.

hahaha…I'm Japanese who lives in heart of Tokyo.

This is a chronology of my life.

I started the model to the extent help my parents of

professional advertising photographer.

Since parents had gone to work, I was alone in the house.
The fridge was always filled with fresh ingredients.

I was given a hot plate, and I ate the food myself cooking.
There was also that I didn't see two weeks for face of my parents.

However, I never felt loneliness, I enjoyed the time alone.

Weekend was Girl Scouts participate in activities (from Brownie).
I learned to think for myself how to produce something from scratch.

For example, to make a toilet, I learned from the work of the first dig a hole.
Next is a hand weaving the bamboo work for outer wall.

Obtain a license for amateur radio technician.
My life was leaning to the direction of a little geek.

Because I was bad wording and behavior,

I was forced to admitting to the rehabilitation facility.

Rehabilitation contractor, kicking me every day and I was struck by the bamboo sword.
I was forced to the marathon all day long.
Every day, I was shout toward the sun in a loud voice."Dad, Mom, I'm sorry!"
I was splendid succeeded to rehabilitation.

I began work on earnest the model.
TV commercials, magazines, advertising posters were countless appearances.

I had appeared in the movie.
At the same time, I was an officer of the student council in high school.

My high school was strict school regulations, part-time work was prohibited.
Work of the model was punished for violating school rules.

However, an opportunity that I have raised,

we could permitted to allow work of the performing arts by new school rules.
At the same time, I was working part-time waitress in the hotel's restaurant.

Wasn't noticed by anyone about it, however.


I was chosen from among the 15,000 people, had a record debut in the trio girls.
We had chosen to image girl of famous fashion companies.
We were singing and dancing, toured Japan.

I married a man 20 years older than me .

I had been living together with him since the age of 18.
He had a mother of disease myasthenia gravis.
I experienced a wheelchair nursing care.
We lived in a house of several billion yen.

We lived together with a pet monkey and crocodile.

And we also had a lot of tropical fish・・・for example, such as Napoleon fish,

Piranha, Asian-arowana and Piraruku(Arapaima).

I was traveling around the world.
I was stay at the hotel the most exclusive at that location.

And then, I went to the restaurant which is said to be delicious the best at that location.

At that time, I was graduated from the John Robert Powers School.

John Robert Powers is a finishing school to attend the First Lady of the world.

It has been teaching manners of American style.
The main graduates have Jacqueline (Kennedy) Onassis,

Grace Kelly, Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardner, Betty Ford ,Lauren Bacall,

Elizabeth Taylor, Jane Fonda, Henry Fonda, James Dean, Diana Ross, and Naomi Campbell .

But, 22-years-old
Japan's bubble economy collapsed.
Forced enforcement officers suddenly appeared.
I lost all of the assets.
I loaded with luggage in the car, a life without a home.

During that period, I had no house to live, I was wandering around the world.
In Africa, a man of about six people aimed a machine gun to me, I was dismantled the car.
That now being kept alive is a miracle.


I was restart the life with a man, he doesn't have the money at all.

(He was betrayed by his real father. His father run away with all his money. He is my husband now)

We started from 100yen per day in the life of two people.
We lived in the most dangerous region in Japan. Hyakunin-cho,

Shinjuku at the back of Kabuki-cho. Studio apartment was the size of 16m2.
At the apartment I lived in, there was a shooting incident unusual in Japan.

We didn't have a washing machine.
We put in a large bag of laundry, went to the laundromat.
Seemed like Santa Claus.
The way to the laundromat, the policeman look at us,

they were asked to us every time a question of duties.

They took a peek inside our big bag. It was a lot of laundry.

What? Pregnant but not married.
6 months at the time of pregnancy,

had a major debut as a singer in earnest from the record company Avex in Japan.
I had a strange experience that a pregnant woman debut.
I released a single CD and three pieces albums.

I was lucky. My music production staff, they are active in the world.

I met them by chance.
For example, Mr. David Rose, He is a guitarist of Peter Gabriel band.
My songs some of composed by him.

He has also participated in the guitar and the chorus to my songs.

And, Mr. Patrick Seymour. He is also active in the album of Mick Jagger, Bob Dylan, and Daryl Hall.

He is in charge of the keyboard of the Eurythmics, he provide the music for me.

My debut song of "Horizonte" is composed by him.

And Mr. Mike Ross Trevor of recording engineer, He is a mogul.

He has joined to Jimi Hendrix, Tina Turner, Phil Collins,

and movie of "The Fifth Element" "Total Recall" "Rambo" and "Air Force One".

I was very blessed to staff.
But I was hit by a sudden accident.
I was found to be in the medium-term-uterine cancer.
Doctors urged to remove the uterus "Now" to me,

but I chose to give birth to a child.
Take it easy. I kept the studio recording until three weeks before I give birth to a child.

After gave birth to a son, I had surgery of total removal of the uterus.
And I remarried.


I sing the theme song of the television, the game, the anime and the commercial songs.

When my son went to kindergarten and elementary school,

I using my spare time, I studied at the university.

I have attended the public lecture at Waseda University for four years.

I learned infections and preventive medicine.

I was began the organizers of the dress-up party, and, host of lifestyle seminar for women.

The spring of 2007, Established a company of wedding in Hawaii.
I have been back and forth between Hawaii and Japan.


Currently 44-years-old (as of 2012)

My son is a high school student.
He is studying in a boarding school in New York,United States.

He has won two awards at the time of Freshman,  Highest award and second place in the art contest in New York State.

When I met, my husband didn't have the money at all.

But, he is the owner of the nine companies now.

At the two companies abroad and the seven companies in Japan.

My husband , he is transfer 11 units Mercedes-Benz, and he has grown to own the BMW, Maserati Quattroporte, Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Bentley Continental GT of 2units, Bentley Continental GT Speed​​, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Bentley Continental GTC, Aston Martin Virage,Ferrari 360, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 599, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari California, Ferrari 458 Italy, Rolls-Royce Phantom of 3units, Lamborghini Aventador(Delivered No.1 in Japan)

My husband's great action, he is get the car to them as a staff of his company worked hard.
For example, Aston Martin, Maserati, Bentley, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Lexus, etc..


New father is present to him(my husband) right now.
Occupation of the new father is a doctor of forensic medicine.
He is a doctor who specializes in autopsy mainly.

He has received a medal from the emperor of Japan.

Incidentally, my car is red granny's bike.
It is back and forth is equipped with a basket to carry the luggage.

Husband and I are symmetrical personality. The balance of the best by it.
He is a father who cherishes family value.
I noticed looking him, that people who can work well is to cherish the family.

I'm currently, a singer, model, esthetics lecturer and Qigong master.
I have no disease present on the body now.

I have a lecture in all regions in Japan.
I have been teaching the method to Improvement without the use of medicine. For improve the disease by using a self-healing power of you.
I have been teaching about the cancer, incurable diseases, allergies, hair growth, rejuvenation, and easy diet.

I'm very happy now.
Because, I have met so many lovely people.
By meeting with a lot of wonderful people, my life has changed dramatically for the better.


My mission of the future is to lead a happy for you.

Thank you reading until the end.

Nozomi Odagi Facebook

​​All is one from the beginning.
All is from the beginning that dwells in the hearts of each of us.
This world is made of the relative (yin and yang) balance. You have what I don't have, I have what you don't have. It's the perfect balance.
I don't have prejudice to anything.
Basic concept of my life is the middle way.(The golden mean is best.)

Important is don't shift the center(Heart).

If we can keep it, anything is OK in all directions.
I do think, this way will lead to world peace in the real sense.


I was ranked in the #24 national ranking in the Top 50 user's Facebook Popularity Index in Japan.

I am very grateful to you.

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